Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Coordinator

In order to help answer some questions that I get all the time, first let me say this: I am not your wedding coordinator. There are people that do that for a living. I am not one of them.

I am the person you hire to make your wedding dreams a reality. I take your vision, your budget, your colors, your Pinterest board(s) and turn them into something tangible. I help with the plans, the timeline, make design suggestions and vendor recommendations to fit your personality, your budget and your wedding theme. This is usually done, in conjunction, with the help of a wedding coordinator.

To better determine your needs, I would like to try and better define the role of a wedding coordinator vs. a wedding planner.

A wedding coordinator is a person who is there to coordinate your wedding. They will be there to do the hands-on work for the rehearsal and the wedding. The coordinator is there to make sure that everything you planned for the last three hundred sixty five days goes perfectly. All details are overseen by the coordinator. These include vendor management (a.k.a. making sure they are doing what you paid them thousands of dollars to do), making sure photographs are being taken of all the special moments (because your drunken MOH and sloppy BM might want to boycott extra pictures so they can get their freak on), putting the bridal party in all the right places, and countless other unique tasks. The most important thing the wedding coordinator does is make sure all of the guests are happy. A happy guest makes a happy wedding. Sounds fake, but I swear it’s true.

A wedding planner means what you think it means. They can be hired at any point in the wedding planning process. Some theweddingplanner-3brides start with a planner from the very beginning and some jump on board with only a few weeks left to go. Planners visit vendors, negotiate prices, help develop themes, control budgets, and offer advice. The list of what a wedding planner can do for you is endless. Think Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner. I know some of it is cliche, but that’s pretty much what planners do.

But I have yet to meet a wedding planner who is the one coordinating the rehearsal or the actual processional during the wedding. That, for me, is the biggest difference. I tend to relate more to the wedding planner; I am there to be another resource to you, the bride. However, I am not at the ceremony venue making sure Uncle Joe is escorting the MOG down the aisle or that the groom’s cousin isn’t too drunk for pictures.

When you hire me as your floral and event designer, I make tons of suggestions. Suggestions on what the wedding party should wear, what color flowers you need, what color linens/chairs/dancefloor you need, what local vendors can best deliver your dream wedding, helping establish a wedding timeline for you and your vendors. But you need a wedding coordinator to help execute these plans. Otherwise, why spend sleepless nights and countless arguments planning your perfect wedding.

To be more helpful, here are a few vendor friends who blurr the lines between planner and coordinator, but help ensure your wedding day is flawless!

Posh Petals & Pearls

Design Studio South

First City Events

Ivory & Beau

Tricia Windom

Anne Bone Events


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