Shelly & Michael – An Autumnal Affair

It’s a rare thing to have a bride be entirely “hands off” about her wedding day flowers.

But it happens.

And thankfully, it happened at my favorite time of year: fall.

I love this time of year, as the air turns (slightly) cooler and the days are filled with oranges and reds and rust colored leaves…who are we kidding. In Savannah, it goes from summer to cool overnight without warning. Fall seems to be the 4th season that is forgotten in the South. Michael and Shelly selected a perfect October evening in Savannah to tie the knot, and it was a beautiful evening.

Shelly’s bridesmaids wore rich brown dresses while the men wore a traditional tuxedo. The time of year and neutral color brown allowed me to select the most fun, festive colored flowers. I incorporated raw cotton into the arrangements, bouquets and even the boutonnières! The result was a rustic, autumnal affair perfect for Michael, Shelly and their guests.

Enjoy some preview images from the fashionable Nichole Barrali who captured the couple’s fun and playful spirit through her lens.




Thank you Michael, Shelly, Wez and families for allowing me to play a role in the wedding weekend. Wishing you many years of wonderful wedded bliss!

And Jessica, I could not have pulled this wedding off without you! Thank you for continuing to take creative risks and encouraging me. I am forever grateful.


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