The Design Process

As of late, several friends have been asking me how I come up with these creative moments they see.

No matter the situation, the design process is usually the same. Find inspiration.

For weddings, inspiration might be found in a single photograph. It might come from the bridesmaids dress color. It might come from a couple “buzz” words the bride throws around when she describes her perfect day. It might come from a particular flower that is in season, or a color that is in vogue. It can even come from the personality of the couple.

Usually, I walk into an initial meeting with a game plan in mind. As most creative folks go, there tends to be an idea already in place. Sometimes, it might be a simple linen choice that the bride doesn’t even know she wants. It might be a flower she didn’t know she liked. It might be a color she didn’t know existed in a flower.

Once we get past the logistics–like date, time, number in the wedding party (and the groom’s name)–I usually ask the bride to describe her wedding. Sometimes I force the bride to limit how many words she uses to verbalize her vision. This tends to be the most important moment in the entire planning process. It allows me the rare opportunity to sit back and listen to the bride enthusiastically describe how her wedding is to look and feel.

If I had it my way, we’d stop the planning process there. That’s usually as much information as I need.

But, because I am there to offer suggestions, provide feedback and guide the decision making process for the color of linen on the table or what shade of “cream” the ribbon to tie the programs should be–I listen to the details. I listen and offer suggestions to the problems at hand, all the while encouraging the bride to make the decision that I had in my head before walking into our meeting. By guiding the conversation to the correct decision (or the “only” decision), I am ensuring that the vision I have set out to create is slowly created.

Sure, it might sound pretentious. But if I offered suggestions based strictly on impulse or  the mother of the brides opinion, it wouldn’t be the wedding that the bride summed up in so few words earlier in our meeting.

That is what I am responsible for: creating and executing the vision that the bride speaks into existence.



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