Easter Church Arrangements

I’ve done my fair share of church flowers. Especially at Easter. The day before was always spent cutting blooming branches, stripping roses and pulling stamens out of Easter Lilies. I have very few rules when it comes to doing church flower arrangements on high-holy days such as Easter Sunday: it has to be big, dramatic and over-the-topĀ gorgeous.

Almost all of my Easter Sunday church flower arrangements have been all-white arrangements. I find that this is what most churchgoers are expecting, and I try to make it more impressive than what they might have seen in years past. Below are a few of my favorite Easter flower arrangements.

Easter 2006
The Flowering Cross at Dawn
Church Flowers 2009
Easter Sunday 2011

This year, I’m going to be doing something different. I’ll be using the same white easter lilies, but I am going to be mixing in purple larkspur and yellow forsythia to add some color to the traditional Easter arrangement. Since purple is the color of the lenten season and yellow is the complimentary color to purple, this should add a nice, regal feel to the arrangement.

Anyway, happy egg hunting and happy Easter!



One thought on “Easter Church Arrangements

  1. Your arrangements are always breathtakingly beautiful and an act of worship! I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s offering! Love and appreciate you so much!

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