Kristen & Patton – Sangrias in July

I’ve known Kristen for years. She and my mother have been friends for 7 or 8 years, and I was so happy to learn of her engagement. One of the things I have loved about working with Kristen is her level of trust. She told me early on, over lunch, that she trusts me and wants me to do whatever I think would look best. Her wedding has been a bit of a challenge, but I love a good challenge!

The bridesmaid’s dress color is from the new color line at David’s Bridal, called “Sangria.” I love a great sangria, but the color is this odd purple/fuchsia/violet/claret thing that doesn’t exactly work with any other colors. Due to the difficulty of trying to “match” the dress color, I designed the flowers and color scheme to “pop” off the dress color. Enjoy these photos courtesy of Josh Branstetter of Jabber Pics.


Thanks to Kristen and Patton for allowing me to play such a huge part in your wedding weekend. I had a blast working on making your wedding weekend beautiful, and I wish you a long and happy marriage.


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