Brandi & Jonathan – A Party of 18

I met Brandi over coffee one afternoon. She and I have a mutual friend who put her in contact with me, after she was feeling uneasy about her original florist. We met, and after a little small talk, I got down to business. She told me of how uneasy she was feeling about the florist she had picked, so we got to talking about what was going wrong. After Brandi and I figured out where it all had gone wrong, I showed her a few pictures of bouquets I’ve made that would fit her wedding style and color scheme.

The only thing Brandi showed me was a picture out of a very large floral book she brought with her. It was a very modern bouquet made with white hydrangeas, white lisianthus, eggplant mini calla lilies, and some beautiful black feathers. She insisted on no feathers, but wanted the same look and feel. Our meeting went really well, but I forgot to ask one simple question: what color are the bridesmaids wearing?

Honest mistake. I usually ask that question, right after “what shade of white is the bridal gown?” It slipped my mind, and even as I was delivering all the flowers to the ceremony location, I still didn’t know what color the bridesmaids dresses were. I assumed they would be either dark eggplant or black. Glad I was right! And with a wedding party of 18, this wedding was sure to be a huge party.

The result is this series of images, courtesy of Jade McCully of Jade + Matthew Take Pictures

Many thanks to Brandi and Jonathan for allowing me to be part of your beautiful wedding weekend! I am so happy for you both, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.


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