A Crazy Idea

So, I have this crazy idea…

I like to push the envelope. I know that might be shocking to some, but I really do enjoy being creative and thinking outside the box. This particular skill has served me well for most of my life, and it brings be joy knowing that I can express myself creatively.

But back to my crazy idea.

I have been serving as a liturgical artist for the last several years at my home church, and as I become more confident in my decisions about what the worship space should look and feel like, I have begun to push boundaries. As we begin this new liturgical year with the arrival of Christmas, I am looking ahead to the upcoming seasons in the church. As Lent begins to take shape in my mind, I am looking to the day of Pentecost. For that particular Sunday, I am exploring the idea of an art instillation in both worship spaces. I have been inspired by the great Nancy Chinn and her artistic ability. My plan, as of now, is to create some type of instillation similar to this for Pentecost…

I know what you are thinking, but imagine what it could look like. Strips of fabric in various shades of red, all moving above you. Amazing, right?


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