Wedding Food

As a former caterer, nothing pains me more than attending a wedding where the food was less than memorable. Even worse is when the caterer runs out of food! I have worked for some of the greatest caterers in Savannah, and their secret to success; do what you know how to do and do it well, and have lots of food. Some of the best food has been the simplest of items. Susan Mason is famous for her crab cakes, pan fried to order, in the square outside the Telfair Museum of Art. There is nothing better than sipping a cocktail while watching your crab cake get fried till golden brown.

Weather you are having a sit down dinner for 300, heavy hors d’oeuvres or a buffet, you should select foods that reflect your personal tastes or your favorite foods as a couple. If your favorite food is mashed potatoes, then have your caterer create a mashed potato bar where your guests can add their own toppings. Here in the south, we enjoy our grits. You could easily create a grits bar with bacon, cheese, green onions, heavy cream, grilled shrimp and other delicious items as toppings. Be creative with your food!

However, you should be mindful of your guests. If you enjoy eating shellfish, but know that the bride’s side of the family does not enjoy shellfish like you do (or worse, they are allergic) then you might be better off selecting a yummy chicken, beef or pork dish to accommodate their needs.

Finally, keep your budget in mind when selecting your reception menu. Even though you love a nice medium-rare steak, it might not be the most cost effective option for your budget. Be mindful of your budget, but do not sacrifice quality! This will ensure that your guests enjoy the highest quality for the best price.


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