An Update thus Far

It’s funny how plans change. My “plans” were to go to culinary school in September, spend another year in school, then find a job in the real world. Well, as soon as I made a decision about school, a job opportunity presented itself. I have never had a job possibility “land” in my lap. I’ve always had to seek work, so this was a new experience.

I got an email from a woman in Savannah whom I admire and respect. She has an amazing talent (and sense of humor) that cannot be matched, and I was thrilled at the possibility of working for and with her. After a very successful initial interview, a follow-up interview, and a week-long working interview, I was offered a job that I could not pass up. I have the privilege of working as Libbie Summer‘s Assistant. Libbie is a food, prop and set stylist, as well as a culinary producer, food editor, wife and mother. She is known from coast to coast, and her eye and sense of style are beyond ridiculously amazing.

What does this mean? It means that culinary school is going to have to wait. It will have to wait a while. This job is going to be an amazing learning experience, but it will be lots of hard work, long hours, and shopping. But, I enjoy a challenge, and I enjoy that every day will be different.

Let the work begin.


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