My New Favorite Kitchen Tool

Upon graduation from Georgia State University in May, my chef instructor/boss gave me a gift to thank me for all the hard work I had done over the last year. The gift he gave me was one I had only heard about, but never actually used. I was given a ceramic paring knife.

See, the blade of these knives is made from a very hard and durable ceramic which is almost as hard as diamonds. The blade is REALLY sharp and never needs sharpening, as it never dulls. This knife is perfect for slicing and cutting through boneless meats, fruits and vegetables. Since the blade is made of a ceramic material, the blade can easily chip or break if used to chop, cut bones or frozen foods. And since the blade is not made of metal, there is no chance for the blade to ever rust.

As great as this kitchen tool is, there has been some issues surrounding the use of ceramic knives. Mainly, they pose a security threat, as they are not detectable by metal detectors. Manufactures are now requited to place a piece of metal in the handle so that standard metal detectors will recognize the knife.

Should you be looking for a new kitchen tool, might I suggest you pick up a ceramic knife. They never need sharpening, never rust, and are sharper than traditional steel blades. Get one for yourself and you will see/feel the difference.


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