A simple two letter word.

No. An English word indicating rejection, disagreement, refusal or making a negative response. In most cases, it is the opposite of “yes.” The word “no” can be used as an adverb, adjetive, noun, verb, or idiom. If such a simple word is so easy to use, then why is it so hard to say sometimes?

I have grown up with servant leaders. My dad, grandmother, great-grandmother and many others have been amazing examples of what it means to be a servant leader. It is with such example that I have come to realize that the word “no” is not exercised enough (if ever) in their vocabulary. Such a simple two letter word does not seem to exist in my vocabulary.

Since graduating from college, I am going to make myself use the word “no” more often. No more stretching myself too thin. No more working for little to no money. No more keeping my mouth shut about things that matter to me. I am forcing myself to say “no” to some of the things that put strain on my life and my well-being. Being someone from the hospitality industry, I am a huge believer in servant leadership and pleasing the person asking something of you.

However, that is going to stop now. Get ready to hear the word “no” come from my lips more often. It’s time I stand up for myself. You’ll see.


2 thoughts on “A simple two letter word.

  1. Just watch out. Once you find the freedom of saying “no” you won’t want to stop.
    I do agree. Many people are stretched too thin because they either 1-want to please everyone (not going to happen) or 2-they know if they don’t do it someone else might step in (usually the case). We all need time to rest and enjoy the things we do.

  2. Sounds like a plan to me. Let me know how it works for you. I may need to take a class from you on how it’s done. It is hard when you love what you do and when you are sooooo good at it.

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