No Guidebook?

There is no guidebook on what to do or how to do it upon graduating from a major university. There are no “tips” or “pointers” on what your next move should (or should not) be. Someone ought to write a survival guide for those of us fresh off the graduation stage and wondering what to do or where to go.

No matter how good your plans are, they are simply that: plans. Plans on paper might look really good or be really well thought out, but no matter how strong your plans may seem, they tend to be weak…at best.

I have no idea what my next move is going to be. Getting away from Atlanta will give me a little distance and some closure with college life. Hopefully it will also give me a better perspective on what to do next. Culinary school is still going to happen, but I am afraid that Savannah Tech’s program will end up hurting my resume instead of making me more marketable and making my resume stand out.

Again, there is no “how to” book for this kind of stuff. I am relying on the sound advice of those around me to help make better decisions, since my plans aren’t even on paper anymore.


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