A Season of Change

Change is coming. A time of unrest, uncertainty and doubt will be coming. Since graduating from college, it has become painfully obvious that it is time to make some decisions. Big decisions. Decisions that will affect who I am and what I do with the rest of my life.

With such a season of change, times will not be easy. There are bound to be times when I question who I am and what am I going to do when I “grow up.” As of now, my plan is to attend Savannah Technical College in September to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts. Combined with my BBA in Hospitality Administration, I hope to be overly qualified for some jobs that I am looking for. I also will need to find some form of income (preferably the legal way), so that will mean working mostly-time while taking classes. Should be a piece of cake, right? All the while, working for myself as a floral and event designer for six weddings in Savannah in the next six months…

Am I crazy?!? Let me help by answering for you. Yes. Yes, I am crazy. But I am also passionate, so I should never “work” a day in my life. The question that I need to ask now is: who will hire someone with such a strange skill sets, passions, and thrill of stress and pressure?


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