The Three Fs: Food, Flowers and Fə-tŏg’rə-fē

I know what you’re thinking: Photography doesn’t start with the letter F. I am educated enough to know that, but bear with me for a moment.

With every event or wedding that I am involved with, I try to be realistic about lots of things; mainly dollars and cents. Nine times out of ten, the bride doesn’t care what it takes, but it is usually the Mother of the Bride who says otherwise. There is a way to pull off a luxurious classy wedding on a simple budget, but most brides spend money on the wrong things. The advice I always give to brides: spend money where it matters.

Spend money on the food that is served-your guests will remember what they ate far better than what the Maid of Honor was wearing. Spend money on the photographs that are taken at your wedding – this (and a white dress that will never fit you again) are the only things that you will be able to show your children and grandchildren. Hire a professional who will take the time to capture each moment of your big day so that it will be preserved for years of future enjoyment. Finally, spend some money on flowers and decorations for the reception or ceremony. Do not be overzealous, but spend some cash to turn a plain ballroom into a magical experience that you and your guests will enjoy.

Weddings are where memories are made. Do yourself a favor and spend a little extra to make those memories last a lifetime.


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