Worship Is Not…

Worship is not a spectator sport. Worship is not a place to sit back and be passive. Worship is not only on Sundays. Worship is a way of living. Worship is active. Worship is what we do day in and day out.

For me, worship has taken on a new meaning in the last year or so. Ever since Marcia McFee came onto the scene, I have seen what worship could be, not what it is. Marcia showed me that worship can take many forms. Worship must stimulate all the senses, not just what we hear. Since I am a very visual learner, by default, I tend to absorb and retain things better that are visually stimulating to look at. The physical worship space is so important. The lighting, the atmosphere, the colors, the things on the altar, the flowers, and the symbols are what draw me into worship.

What I have found is that some of these are the very things that are lacking in worship. That’s not to say that worship can survive without some of these visual reminders. Those of us who are visual learners need those visuals and symbols to help us during worship. Regardless of the style or setting of worship, there is a place for these visuals.

The key is that visuals within a worship setting should not be a spectacle. They should not be gimmicky or overdone. We should not treat church as a theatre where liturgy is a show. Worship arts need to be able to bear the weight of mystery and point us toward the kingdom.


8 thoughts on “Worship Is Not…

  1. To quote a not so famous young women at the ripe ole’ age of 19, “Worship is a Lifestyle”. She was wise beyond her years and I am so proud of the woman she was, I long to be more like her. Ashlee may we all strive to setthe bar by your standards.

  2. Worship is and should always be a central part of our everyday life. It’s not a song or a melody…It’s the position of our heart toward God in everything we do. Great blog post!

  3. Worship is definitely a matter of the heart! Yes, worship is a way of life, and we should not wait until the Sunday morning worship service, to begin to worship the Lord. We should strive to be in His presence every day! We should go into our secret closets and seek the face of the Lord! We should speak well of Him, we should bow ourselves before Him, because we worship God because of who He is! When we have spent time with Jesus all week long, the corporate worship service is only going to be that much more enhanced, for there it is a meeting between God and His people! I agree wholeheartedly that it is not a spectator event! Being in His presence, is fullness of joy, and at His right hand are pleasures evermore! Praise God! Nice blog!

  4. Worship is a way of life. We don’t just try Jesus, we surrender to Him. I’m reminded of Romans 12:1 – “present your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God as your reasonable act of worship.” Thanks for some good thinkin’ material. God bless.

  5. totally know what you mean about visuals. Have you ever been to mosaic LA? theyre a church of artists. I remember feeling like I was drowning in art when I was there, in the best way possible. Before service would start I would already be amazed at the beauty God creates. I wish this was a more common occurence in churches.

  6. “Worship is not a spectator sport. Worship is not a place to sit back and be passive. Worship is not only on Sundays. Worship is a way of living. Worship is active. Worship is what we do day in and day out.” Love this!

  7. So very true, what you have written here. Jason Ministries is all about tteaching these truths and we’re committed to teaching the church it’s purpose — true worship. Come visit our blog site, when you can.

  8. Worship seems to have an ever evolving definition. Maybe because the word is used to translate atleast 6 different Hebrew and Greek words.
    I believe the NT gives us an “all of life ” definition of worship (Romans 12:1).
    Nowadays, 2 other overlapping definitions for worship seem to have become popular:
    1. Church meeting
    2. Singing

    Let’s continue the discussion, remembering to honour God with our minds, souls and bodies

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