Wedding Flowers

I have had the great privilege of creating wedding flowers for some really great friends. Here are a few of my favorites.

Bridal bouquet from a fall wedding in October
From a spring wedding back in May. True Southern wedding.
Fall wedding in the North Georgia Mountains

I love these particular color combinations, and I find that adding a touch of lime/apple green into a bouquet makes the entire bouquet more modern and adds great contrast. When designing wedding bouquets, especially those for the bride, I tend to stay away from an all white bouquet. A large mass of white flowers against a white dress makes the flowers blend in, and they get lost. By adding some color to a bridal bouquet, especially one that is mostly white, allows the flowers to pop against the bride’s dress and they will stand out in the photographs as well. So when picking flowers for your wedding bouquet, remember to add some color, or at least add some green!

Thanks to all the brides who have allowed me to be part of their special day.


One thought on “Wedding Flowers

  1. I believe that I vaguely recognize the flowers in the top picture. I believe they were from a wedding held at IOHUMC on OCT.24,2009. I still am amazed at how very talented you are but I should know it runs in your family. I love the blog idea and will be checking in on all your great ideas. You are the best and it looks great. Are you at home the wkend of May 22-24? If you are I’d like you to do flowers for Ashlee’s bday in the sanctuary. Love what your doing to get your name out there. Kim Kraft

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